Executor Services

As the testator, you can nominate one or more persons, as executor, to manage the estate
until its final distribution.

Deceased Estate Administration including Executor Services

The Executor is nominated to carry out instructions in terms of your will, and is responsible for the administration and winding up of your Estate in an efficient manner, insuring that your beneficiaries receive their inheritance.

The master of the High Court oversees this process and ensures that the Executor complies with the directions of the Will and the requirements by law.

The Executor has the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Obtaining the death certificate, procuring the original Will, and filing the necessary documentation with the Master of the High Court;
  • Taking over the management of the Estate, and protecting the assets in the Estate;
  • Identifying and notifying all beneficiaries and other relevant persons of the person’s death;
  • Complying with all the procedural requirements for the winding up of an Estate;
  • Assessing, approving or disapproving all creditor’s claims;
  • Collecting and arranging payments;
  • Finalising Income Tax returns, and calculating and paying the Estate Duty;
  • Preparing and filing the Liquidation and Distribution account; and
  • Distributing the assets to the beneficiaries.